Crock Pot Breakfast Recipe – Let the Kids Cook


Cooking with the best rated crock pot can be relatively simple and anyone can learn to use these machines without too much difficulty. Children too can learn how to cook in a safe and healthy manner and it doesn’t matter if they have used a crock pot before or otherwise, they can learn what healthy cooking is all about. However, do you want to start the children off with an easy and relatively healthy breakfast recipe? Read on and you’ll find a potential breakfast recipe to make at home with the kids.

A Breakfast Bounty

First of all, you want to gather up a few basic ingredients such as grated cheese, a few strips of Canadian bacon and some peppers and hash brown potatoes. When you have your ingredients together you can layer the hash brown potatoes into the bottom of the crock pot. Add a layer of cheese followed by a layer of diced peppers and bacon. Finish the dish off with another layer of cheese and place the lid of the crock pot on and allow it to cook gently for around eight to fifteen minutes on a medium setting. Once the dish is cooked, you have a nice breakfast bounty alternative; a fairly simple and fairly healthy hash brown and bacon mash-up with cheese. The best crock pot can easily make this delicious dish.

Healthy and Easy

There are lots of amazing dishes you can create with a crock pot. You don’t have to be an excellent cook as the best rated crock pot does all the hard work for you; and you only have to worry about eating the dish! For breakfast, you can experiment with eggs and bacon and even some frittatas, but make dishes healthier in many ways. There are lots of fun and easy recipes to follow, even for children so if you want to get them involved in cooking and learning how to remain safe in the kitchen you shouldn’t have too much trouble. You could look at creating a healthy omelet mash-up with the children and add lots of vegetables or even a few fruits and that would be a great way to teach the children about healthy options (and potentially get them to eat more vegetables!).

Where to Find Crock Pot Breakfast Recipes?

To be honest, it’s hard to know what to have for breakfast as you don’t often see a variety of alternatives. However, you can create a few ideas of your own if you really wanted to. If you wanted to make a full English breakfast but have it done in an easier fashion without lots of additional cooking fats, you could use the crock pot. Alternatively, if you didn’t have a clue what breakfast recipes to try out in a crock pot, you could always look online for some free recipes or buy a cookbook. With the best crock pot you can create a lot of amazing dishes with ease.

Embrace Cooking

When people think about cooking they often picture themselves in front of a large and very hot stove; and it often puts them off the idea. However, cooking doesn’t have to be done in this manner. There are a lot of simple ways to cook especially with a crock pot. You can see how amazing these items are and when you have the best rated crock pot you can cook whatever you like.