Importance and Safety Tips of Using the Crock Pot


Crock pots are very common today and they are being used by a lot of people for cooking. Those who have used the crockpot in the past can witness that indeed the crockpot play a very important role in the kitchen. However, there are some safety tips that you need to know so that they can assist you to use your crockpot in the right manner. Food safety is very important because it enables us to live healthily and avoid food poisoning.

Safety tips

Most of these safety tips can be managed by our common sense because they are pretty basic. It is important to know all these tips so that you can ensure that there are proper preparation techniques and proper food handling. The problem that most people face is finding the best crock pot for their kitchen but this is easy because they are found in most markets today. Always ensure you start clean, a clean work area, clean utensils and a clean cooker. Another thing that you should not forget is to clean your hands before you prepare your food.

Handling of the ingredients

The way you handle the ingredients in your kitchen matters a lot and that is why it is important for you to ensure that you observe cleanness before you prepare any meal with your crock pot. Slow cookers take more time in order to kill bacterial while cooking because it take time for them to get temperatures hot. It is important for you to ensure that the ingredients you will use in cooking are constantly refrigerated especially when you are preparing to cook. Perishable goods should at all times be refrigerated when they are not in use or else they will go bad. If you have a small family ensure you buy the best small slow cooker and from trusted manufacturers.

Defrosting of poultry and meat

This is an important stage that you should not forget especially when you are ready to cook. How is this process important? Defrosting of the meat is crucial in that it enables one to ensure proper cooking is done and at proper temperature. This eliminates bacteria that is likely to grow on your food which may lead to food poisoning. There are different foods that you can prepare with the slow cooker and every food has its own process and cooking duration. When you go to the market to look for the slow cooker ensure that you only the best rated crock pot.

Cutting food to small chucks

What do you think is the importance of this process? This is a very important stage because it enables that food is thoroughly cooked. If you cook large pieces you are certain that they will take a longer period of time to cook and this may waste time and fuel used in cooking. For example what do you expect when you put a full chicken into the crock pot? It will automatically not cook faster as compared to cooking the small chunks or pieces.

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